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General questions

How do I know what RIW roles I need?

Before organising a RIW card through Pegasus, you need to know what roles and associated competencies you require. Your Rail Operator or head contractor is responsible for giving you this information; Pegasus, who manage the RIW system, don’t have visibility into your work requirements and therefore can’t tell you what roles you require.

Rail Operators determine the roles you need by considering these factors:
–          the work you intend to do
–          the operator you work for
–          the state you work in
–          local area requirements

Rail Operator websites identify roles and competencies and any other specific requirements. You can find their details on this page. If you believe you are a third party, you must contact the rail operator for clarification and instruction.

How do I add or remove a company from my profile?

To add or remove an RIW card from an employer, complete the Adding and Removing a Cardholder form. The form has two sections: one for the cardholder to complete and sign, and one for a representative from their employer to complete and sign. This ensures transfers are completed by mutual agreement.

The form can be found on the Qualifications and Documents page.

Completing the form

  1. Go to > Qualifications and Documents page
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page  > Forms
  3. Download and print > Adding and Removing a Cardholder form

Once completed, the form may be scanned and emailed to

A cardholder can also call the RIW team during business hours on 1300 777 245 to have a company added or removed from their profile over the phone. The cardholder must consent to this process and acknowledge that the applicable company is aware of the change. The interaction is recorded by the Pegasus agent and noted in the system.

Can I use my current medical?

Yes, as long as your medical has been completed by an Authorised Rail Medical Provider and it meets the requirements of the role. Some roles require a higher level of medical assessment. Please visit the Qualifications page to see the medical requirements for each Rail Operator.

Do I have to be employed to apply for a Rail Industry Worker card?

Yes, an individual must be associated to a company, or hold their own ABN as a sole trader, to apply for a Rail Industry Worker card.

Does my card ever expire?

Yes, the card has a life of 10 years. At the end of this term, you must pay to receive a new card. This cost will include completing the 100 point ID check again, allowing us to capture a new photograph, print a new card and ship it to your nominated address.

If you need a replacement card before the 10 years is up, you can order one for $30 +GST.

RIW card annual subscription renewal costs $30 +GST.

How do I complete the 100 point check?

Once a Rail Industry Worker card has been purchased from the portal, you will be emailed an Australian Post Identity check form which provides all the information required for an identity check. This also includes details on what will be accepted as 100 points (eg. Drivers Licence). This form is to be taken along to a participating Australia Post store where thecheck will be completed and your photo taken for your Rail Industry Worker card. Please note that there is no additional fee required for this check, it is covered in the card purchase fee.

This link  provides the locations of all the participating Australia Post Offices. You can also click the ‘Make an Appointment’ button (once an outlet has been found) to book an appointment time for the processing of an application though this is not mandatory.

Why do I have to be 100 point ID checked?

All contractors must prove their identity to minimise fraud and reduce data duplication.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems regarding my card application?

Questions should be directed to the rail operator you are working for. See the Contact Us page for more details.

Is the card compulsory?

Yes, the Rail Industry Worker card is compulsory across the rail industry. The phased approach currently includes partners listed here.

Where do I register for a card?

Please click on the Register/Login link at the top of this page. This will then direct you to the Rail Industry Worker registration system where you can register and apply for a Rail Industry Worker card.

Under what circumstances can the ARA can make a complaint to ASQA about an RTO?

To maintain the quality and integrity of the RIW program, the ARA reserves the right to make a complaint directly to ASQA about:

  • the quality of training and assessment services being delivered by ASQA-registered providers, and
  • the marketing and advertising practices of registered training organisations (RTOs) and organisations claiming to be RTOs

What happens if I don’t have a valid RIW subscription?

If you do not maintain a valid RIW subscription in the system, your data will be unavailable to view and you may be denied access to sites requiring RIW cards.

Initial RIW cards cost $100 + GST per person and are valid for 10 years.

Your subscription must be renewed every year and costs $30 + GST.

I no longer complete some of the work roles that are listed against my card, what should I do?

If the competencies have an expiry date, they will become inactive at that time.

New/amended roles and competencies should be updated by your company administrator through the Rail Industry Worker system (click Register/Login above). The system will advise what new documentation is required.

Are my competencies listed on my card? How does the site I’m working at know I’m competent?

Competencies are not listed on the card. Supervisors and site management can audit your competency several ways, for example, by looking up your Rail Industry Worker ID number in the Onsite system. Because your information is stored securely online, each physical card has a longer expiry date, and expiring competency notifications are provided automatically by email or can be looked up by you online. New competencies can be added by your employer’s administrator or by contacting the Rail Industry Worker administrator.

What if I work for more than one company?

Currently, you must nominate one main company to be associated with in the Rail Industry Worker system who can purchase the card on your behalf. The second company can nominate you as a contractor for work with them, as long as competencies that have been uploaded meet the local Accredited Rail Operator requirements.

When was the Rail Industry Worker system launched?

The Rail Industry Worker program was launched was in March 2013.

The system, previously known as Rail Safety Worker, was designed to improve delivery and monitoring of safety, training, competencies and certification for Australian rail workers.

Competency management

How big can an uploaded file be?

The maximum size file the portal will accept is 2Mb.

Who can assign competencies to my record?

Contractors or their company representative must provide details through the Rail Industry Worker system (click Register/Login at the top of this page). They will then be verified by a Rail Industry Worker administrator.

Who determines the competencies required to work in the rail industry?

Rail Industry Worker provides a cohesive national approach to identify competencies required to work in the rail industry.

What happens if my application is “returned”?

Returned status means you have provided incorrect or incomplete information. In this instance, instructions will be provided on how to resubmit the data with the required information.

What happens if my card application is rejected?

You will be formally notified with details of why your application has not been accepted.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about my competencies, or a competency has been rejected?

In the first instance, contact the card issuing body for further information. Refused applications will be reviewed by the Rail Operator on a case-by-case basis.

How do I add competencies to my profile outside of the initial application process?

If you need to add a competency, or provide updated information on an existing competency, you can do this by logging into the RIW system (click the Register/Login button at the top of this page) and uploading new documentation, or by contacting your Rail Industry Worker administrator.

What training and courses are available?

Please contact a local Registered Training Organisation specialising in rail training for this information.

What documents do I need to provide to get a card?

Please refer to the Qualifications page and review the Required Qualifications, enabling competencies and other qualification details.

What do I do if my documents are expired or not available?

To register as a Rail Industry Worker, all of your documents must be current. If qualifications or competencies have expired, you will need to update the qualification or obtain current copies before uploading them in the system. If documents are not available, contact your Rail Operator for further advice.

Who can upload documents?

Contractors can enter information directly through the portal. Company representatives can also enter information on behalf of contractors.

In what format should the file be?

In the portal, files should be in PDF or JPG format.

What if my Onsite profile name/name on my RIW card is different to that on my certificate/qualification?

If your name on the certificate/qualification (or any other documentation being used as evidence in Onsite) is different than that on your Onsite profile/RIW card, before it’s uploaded to your profile in the RIW system, you must have your certificate/qualification OR statutory declaration signed by an ‘authorised witness’ to confirm you go by both names. Click here to view the full list of authorised witnesses.

The authorised witness must sight some form of photo identification and record the following on the certificate or statutory declaration:

I certify that this/these document/s is/are a true copy of the original document/s which I have seen, and sufficient evidence has been provided confirming this person’s identity in connection with this/these document/s.

As such, I can verify that _____________ (enter name on certificate) is also known as ____________ (enter name from Onsite profile or RIW card)

Authorised witness signature:

Authorised witness name:

Profession as per the ‘Authorised witnesses’ list: (e.g. Pharmacist, State/Commonwealth Public Servant, Police Officer, Nurse etc.)

The type of evidence (and document number) used to assess the person: (e.g. Licence No.CW23456)

Please note that if providing a statutory declaration, the authorised witness must also list all of the documents which they are verifying.

What does competency mean?

Competence (or competency) is the ability of an individual to do a job properly. In the Rail Industry Worker System, the term competence refers to a number of requirements including currency, qualification, authorisation, accreditation, certification, validation and re-validation. Certain competencies expire within a nominated time frame, for example medicals, which means a worker needs to be re-assessed.

A qualification or unit of competency issued under the AQTF is also considered a competency. Although most qualifications/units do not expire, for the purposes of the Rail Industry Worker system and the safety critical nature of the roles performed, workers may be required to prove they have maintained the appropriate level of competency against certain units, and a revalidation date will be shown in the system for this purpose. Note: it does not mean the AQTF qualification is no longer recognised.

What is competency management?

Competency management is the process of capturing the skills and qualifications of rail workers to ensure a safe workforce.

Data security & privacy

What happens if I lose my card?

You can request a new card through the Rail Industry Worker System (select the Register/Login button at the top of this page). Please login, select to manage employees to choose the employee requiring the new card. You can then choose subscription and select to order replacement card. Replacement cards cost $30 + GST.

The old card will be de-activated as part of the replacement process, ensuring it can’t be used to access the rail corridor if someone finds it. If you find your card after you have submitted a request for replacement, please discard it as it will no longer be active.

How do I get a replacement card?

You can request a new card through the Rail Industry Worker system (select the Register/Login button at the top of this page). Please login, select to manage employees to choose the employee requiring a new card. You can then choose subscription and select to order replacement card. Replacement cards cost $30 + GST.

How do I update my contact details?

You can update contact details in the RIW system. Please click the Register/Login button at the top of this page.

Login, click to manage employees and search for the employee who’s details you are updating. Select to update their data, edit their personal details and save.

A change of name will only be accepted with suitable documented evidence, e.g. marriage certificate. Some details, like date of birth and photo, cannot be changed as this is identifying information in the system.

Sending cards

How will I receive my card?

All cards will be delivered via regular postage by Australia Post to the address nominated by your company administrator.

Where will my card be sent?

The card will be sent to the address provided during the application process.

How long will it take for me to receive my card?

After you have completed the 100 point ID check, your information will be sent to the Rail Industry Worker team. A RIW administrator will review your competency documentation, and if this information is accepted, your card is approved.

Allow three business days for your RIW card and information to be processed. Your card will then be printed and sent, with delivery times depending on your location. You will be emailed when your card has been sent.

To ensure no delay in processing information and sending cards, ensure you review the Business Rules and upload the correct documents. The processing time of three business days begins again if you need to resubmit information.

What happens if I haven’t received my card?

Contact the Pegasus team on 1300 777 245 to discuss the agreed timeframes and options for card delivery.

Card costs

How much does the card cost?

The up-front cost of the card is $100 ex-GST and must be paid before receiving the card.

What are the ongoing costs?

Each year there will be a $30 ex-GST renewal and maintenance fee which covers the cost of ongoing changes and updating competencies in the system.

Your renewal date is based on the date the card was purchased, not when the card was printed and sent.

You or your company will be notified one month prior to this date that the fee is due. If you do not pay the maintenance fee, the card will be de-activated until you have paid. This means you will not be able to use your card for proof of competency. Check with the rail operator regarding work arrangements.

Who pays for the Rail Industry Worker Card?

Generally the contracting company will be responsible for payment of contractor cards. Sole traders will register their company details and pay for the card themselves.

How do I pay?

Secure online payments are available through the Rail Industry Worker system (click Register/Login above) via credit card, only Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

How much does it cost to replace a lost, stolen or broken card?

You can request a replacement card through the Rail Industry Worker system (click the Register/Login button at the top of this page). The cost to reprint and ship a card is $30 ex-GST.

Can I receive a refund?

All purchases are final. No refund will be provided for cancelled applications or failure to present for Australia Post appointments. For more information, please visit the link to our Terms and Conditions.

Blocks & suspensions

What is a card block?

When a rail worker loses authorisation from working in a particular Rail Operator Network or project site.

If the mobile app shows a block, it means a Rail Operator has placed a block on a cardholder due to an incident/s. Incidents can range anywhere from a drug and alcohol or safeworking breach, to not meeting key individual site requirements. Blocks are determined and placed only by the Rail Operator.
Blocks can impact cardholders nationally or only at a specific company or site/s, determined by the Rail Operator.
Principal Contractors (PCs) cannot place blocks, they can only suspend their site-specific roles.
  • Blocks can occur at a national level across all work sites.
  • Blocks can occur at all work sites associated with a specific rail transport operator or company.

What is a suspension?

A suspension is the temporary removal of a RIW’s role or competency.

There are two levels of RIW suspension;

  • Rail Operator Specific / National Role Suspension – suspended from a specific work site/s in a specific capacity.
  • Principal Contractor Role Suspension – suspended from the PC role/site.

Why have I been blocked?

If the app shows a block, it has been placed on you by a Rail Operator because of:
  • Drug and Alcohol;
  • Serious/Critical Safety Breach; or
  • Other valid reason as determined by the Rail Transport Operator.
Rail Operators should notify cardholders that a block has been placed on them. If a cardholder doesn’t believe they were notified, they should contact the Operator that placed the block.
Please note that Pegasus DOES NOT  have details on the specific incident or breach.

Why do I have a suspended role?

Rail Transport Operators reserve the right to suspend, modify, reinstate, or cancel an RIW’s authorisations, including their RIW card for any of the following reasons:
  • Any incident that results in the RIW demonstrating a ‘Reckless Act or legislation or organisational breach’;
  • The RIW is the subject of any action resulting from the Drug & Alcohol Testing;
  • Safe working breach;
  • Wherever a time based remedial action is considered with a training/mentoring program to up-skill the RIW;
  • Competence and/or performance has, or may have, the potential to impact safety or is called into question;
  • The RIW is unable to meet competency requirements or re-certification is not granted;
  • Advice has been received that the RIW no longer meets the requirements of the national health standards; and/or
  • RIW has contravened a Fatigue Management Program.
Principal Contractors reserve the right to suspend, modify, and reinstate an RIW’s site specific role. This means if a contractor is involved in a breach either as a result of an accident, incident or site rule breach then the PC has the right to suspend the RIW from undertaking work from that site only by suspending the site-specific role(s). A PC cannot block or suspend a Rail Transport Operator or National role. If they wish to do so they must contact the relevant Rail Transport Operator.
Suspensions can be placed for any of the following reasons:
  • It is determined that a person is carrying out any work in an unsafe or unsatisfactory manner;
  • A person is performing work for which he/she is not suitably qualified;
  • A person is guilty of misconduct;
  • A person has a non-negative alcohol or drug result; or
  • There is an infringement of any safety rule or regulation.
Please note that Pegasus DOES NOT have details on the specific incident or breach.

Who places a block?

Blocks are determined and placed only by the Rail Operator.

Pegasus DOES NOT place or remove RIW card blocks.

Who can suspend a role?

Rail Transport Operator
  • Rail Operator Roles
  • National Roles
Principal Contractor
  • Site / company specific roles

A Principal Contractor cannot suspend a Rail Transport Operator or National role.  If they wish to do so they must contact the relevant Rail Transport Operator.

Pegasus DOES NOT place or remove role suspensions.

Who can remove the block?

It’s the responsibility of the Rail Transport Operator to remove blocks. Pegasus cannot remove a block unless an authorised representative from the Rail Transport Operator requests them to do so.

Disputes concerning blocks should be lodged in writing to the Australasian Railway Association who will aim to mediate a reasonable outcome. Please email:

Who can remove a suspension?

It’s the responsibility of the rail operator or principal contractor to remove role suspensions. Pegasus cannot remove a suspension unless an authorised representative from an operator or contractor requests them to do so.

In the first instance, cardholders should contact the site that suspended their role so any requirements or incidents can be resolved. This may require going directly to the operator or contractor who manages the site at which your role was suspended.

Where am I blocked?

If you aren’t sure at what level you are blocked, you may call Pegasus on 1300 777 245. Please remember that Pegasus cannot tell you why you have been blocked; only the operator that has placed the block will have those details.

What if I’m being refused work at sites where I’m not blocked?

Sites are responsible for assessing the risks of working with blocked cardholders and may contact the site where a cardholder is blocked for details to complete this risk assessment. This may result in cardholders also being blocked at other sites.

If you would like to dispute a block in this instance, lodge this in writing to the Australasian Railway Association who will aim to mediate a reasonable outcome Please email

Rail Industry Worker portal information

How do I get a login to the RIW system?

You will need to register your company and provide contact details. Please start by selecting Register/Login at the top of the page and follow the process to register your company in the system.

Once your company has been registered and approved by the Rail Industry Worker team, the company contact will receive a login to start registering employees and purchasing cards. If your company has already been registered, you will be directed to contact your company representative who can arrange your access.

What if I forget or lose my password?

The system can email you a new password if you have forgotten or lost yours. Click the recover my password link on the login page to the RIW system, which can be found by following the Register/Login link at the top of this page.