Queensland Rail QNRP 2.0 Training Requirements

Queensland Rail will roll out QNRP 2.0 training for all qualified Protection Officers (PO1 level and above).

This training must be completed by 2 July 2018 by all qualified Protection Officers. This is when the updated Queensland Network Rules & Procedures Standard will be implemented.

QNRP 2.0 training will consist of face to face delivery sessions of up to four hours to explain how the changes made within QNRP apply to each role, and how to apply this knowledge within specific role-based scenarios.

Rail Corridor Protection Officers (RCPO) will be provided with an Important Safety Notice (ISN) outlining the information that has changed in QNRP that affects their roles and responsibilities. Written acknowledgement of understanding of this ISN will need to be provided to Queensland Rail.

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