Rail Industry Worker Data Escalation Policy

Pegasus understands that there are times when you’ll need your data or RIW cards to be processed faster than our standard delivery time of three working days. We call these escalations – when you need to be compliant and get on site before the standard two working days have passed since you uploaded your data.

How data escalation works

To best service your request, the RIW data escalation process will cost $50 + GST per person from Monday, 4 September 2017. This cost allows you to submit up to 20 individual competencies to be verified by a Pegasus data administrator working on your escalation as a priority.

Pegasus will first review your request to determine if we can deliver it – this includes reviewing staffing levels and how many other escalation requests there are, and checking the number of documents you need verified.

If we proceed with your escalation, you will pay by credit card and have your request assigned to a Pegasus verifier. You’ll be given a service ticket number to track the escalation.

A few things to note:
• Your escalated data must be submitted for verification and viewable in pending data in the RIW system before our data administrator can accept it
• Ensure your data uploads meet rail operator business rules so your escalation isn’t delayed due to returned documents
• Escalations for new RIW cards are still subject to the successful completion of a 100 point ID check, and priority postage of new cards costs $10 per package

Pegasus always works to have Rail Industry Worker cardholders on site quickly and safely. We appreciate your understanding of our data escalation policy.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call the team on 1300 777 245, or email riw@pegasus.net.au.